Some (geeky) things about me.

I was born in the summer of 1968 and I had been living in Sweden since 1994.

Most of the members of my family had a technical profession,
actually most of them are engineers,
so the reason I studied physics and graduated in 1991 as Physical Engineer
in the San Petersburg Technical University was not a coincidence.

In the late 1994, I began my trip in to the computer world.
First as a Microsoft Engineer (1997),
but at that time I was already captured by the mysteries of the internet security and Linux /Unix.

After a few years I found myself working in a consulting company as a Security Expert in the field of Java Applications.
Since then, I have been having job positions related to the internet security.

When I am not at work, I spend some of my free time playing with NetBSD, my favorite Operating System.
By the way, I had been playing with the three main derivates of 4.4 BSD since the end of the last century too.
I visit often some of the BSD internet forums with the nickname of Tonyex and especially the NetBSD related discussions.
If we touch the Linux world, then I had played with some of the most popular Linux distros until now (2005)
and I really liked Gentoo and Debian, been the last one my favorite.
From the commercial Unixes, AIX is the one I consider the most complete at the moment of writing this.

Talking about geek favorites, my favorite environment to develop a web based application is:
Apache with PHP backed up with a MySQL database.
During my time in computers, I had wrote some code in several programming languages,
especially C and Java and the thing is that I had wrote some Perl code too,
but I still can not consider myself a Perl programmer!

Sharing a really quality time with my wife, kids, my family and my friends,
traveling around the world, playing winter sports, chess & some computer RTS games, cooking,
watching movies, listening to a really classic hard rock/heavy metal are my favorites free time interests among others.

Reg /T (