Welcome to my Korn Shell Scripting Manual and Hints
Why Unix shell scripting?

The Unix shell had been designed to do more advanced tasks than launching programs or even editing, copying and deleting files.
Sequences of commands can be strung together in "Shell Scripts" to automate tedious or repetitive tasks.
Unix systems provide a series of tools that are helpful when writing shell scripts.
This scripting manual is not a complete description of the Korn Shell and all it's programming possibilities.
Instead I will discuss some of the points I realize interesting from my point of view.

My goal with this manual is to have a fast interface to remember some of the hints I learned and
to have a quick reference to a lot of useful hints when scripting in a Unix/Linux Shell.

Most of the examples will work on the most used shells, but as I use Korn Shell in a daily basis,
then all the code examples had been tested in a /bin/ksh.
To understand this manual is required that you understand the basics of Unix and
you have some basics programming skills.

Use the menu to the left as a guide through the topics.

Reg / Tonyex, tonyex@yahoo.com